What makes a gaming laptop great?

Laptops, like any other tech, come with lights, logos, and more — all with the goal to make them appeal to consumers. But if you’re a serious gamer then it’s not the aesthetics that will make your gameplay amazing, it’s the internal components that take you to the next level.


How noise-canceling headphones cancel sound?

When you power up a pair of active noise-canceling headphones, a wave of calm rushes over you. That sensation comes from the headphones creating an ‘‘antiphase’’ sound wave of whatever is going on around you, effectively canceling out the ambient sound swirling around your head. This is how that works..


1870s: Phonograph

Before Thomas Edison patented his light bulb, he invented one of the earliest working dictation machines.

1960s: Shoebox

An IBM engineer introduced the Shoebox at the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle. The Shoebox was like a voice-activated calculator.

2010s: Watson and Google Assistant

The twin innovations from IBM and Google brought what was previously in the realm of sci-fi into reality.