UX / Product Designer

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With 10+ years of experience in autonomous creative capacities, I am motivated to add significant value and increase profitability through collaborating with Project Managers and Engineers to deliver the best user experience.

In my current position, I have teamed up with multiple departments to build intricate, elegant features that have been a driving force in pushing SalesRabbit to become a top performing CRM in the field sales industry.


UX / Product Design Lead and Brand Manager @ SALESRABBIT (January 2017 - Present)

Currently at SalesRabbit, I am the only designer and I am overseeing all aspects of the company’s design, from marketing assets to our homepage, to our desktop app and our iOS and Android Apps. I make sure that there is consistency throughout, by creating UX and UI design guidelines that allow us to make sure that everything is in place.

As Brand Manager, I am able to work in detail on the product, as well as work closely with the marketing team, making sure that SalesRabbit has an overall consistent look and approach to all that our clients see, from our website to our app, to the swag that we give to our family, friends, and clients.


  • Responsible for marketing research and product solutions. Delivered accomplishments that directly impacted results.

  • Leading research and interface design

  • Designed new products and features from the ground up. Native iOS, Android, iPad apps and websites.

  • Usability testing sessions with customers.

  • Developing personas, user stories, and other UX deliverables.

  • Sketching, wire-framing and prototyping solutions to ensure our customers requirements are clearly captured.

  • Producing design concepts.

Tools of the trade

  • Sketch

  • Adobe Suite

  • InVision

  • FullStory

  • Basic Wire-framing tools (pencil and paper!)


Startegy, now branded as Reach Reporting, I worked as the initial designer and overall Creative Director to help get them off the ground, working closely with the CEO I was able to help them to find and solve design questions and solutions. 


  • Oversaw all design related needs for Startegy (now Reach)

  • Worked with developers to make sure designs were implemented and achieved our UX Goals.


My main responsibilities were to create and finalize the overall direction of different campaigns within the Microsoft Philanthropies Brand. I worked with a team of 2 designers and an Illustrator as well as a Marketing Manager to make sure that the projects were completed on time and with Microsoft’s best foot forward.


•   Lead a team of 6 people in helping them establish their department

•.  Worked closely with designers and developers to make sure that they were able to learn the overall UX guidelines.

•   Worked side by side with leadership helping solve problems and create solutions.