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Starting New

Surfline has been on the web for over 17 years and has not had a major redesign in that time. Approaching a redesign we needed the right tools to ensure consistency and quality across the Product team. I was able to streamline our process by implementing Abstract, Sketch, Invision, and Zeplin. These tools gave us full transparency to all stakeholders and made working in a team of three designers much easier.





01. Desktop design

Our app consists of a desktop experience as well as an iOS and Android app, with each being given their own special love and treatment. The Desktop experience at SalesRabbit is primarily where you find a lot of setting and other functions to help sales reps and managers, manage their teams.


With desktop being primarily used for admins and settings, I really want to make sure that the pages are easy to use, but are still pleasing to the eye. My biggest focus is to be able to allow the users to be able to get what they need taken care of and get back to work.