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Adweek Illustration

Illustration for AdWeek | Link to the article

AD: Bryan Bartlett


Draplin Illustration


Tonight I got Aaron Draplin's book "Pretty Much Everything" and it is pretty much everything, and more. I loved this book from the moment I unwrapped it. it is just so inspiring the amount of work this guy puts out. 

I got inspired to do some art, in a "draplin-esque" sort of way. at least he would find it in some swap meet somewhere and maybe get a chuckle. 

If you can, I highly suggest getting the book, it is just amazing.


For me, San Francisco is one of the most incredible looking cities on earth, such a beautiful skyline. 


Illustration based on a story on This American Life.

Based off of ‪#‎ThisAmericanLife‬'s story about Mr. Genola. I really liked the story, and remembered how he felt when he killed a snake, how it made an impact on him. he didn't use a pencil... but still.


Book Cover for a personal project. I wanted to work on just painting, and using Kyle T Webster's brushes. always fun practice, and I like how it turned out. 


The Selfless Selfie


Dead in her eyes